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Pure Instinct

Pure Instinct

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Get your sexy going on with Pheromones -mother nature's natural sex attractant.  Go ahead and say thank you mother nature!  You know why?  Because our bodies give off pheromones that attract, arouse, and create sexual desire in people around us.  

Our bodies do not give off pheromones every day, however we are proud to offer you bottled pheromones you can put on every single day! For Men and Women.

Pure instinct is our number one selling product.  It is the strongest and most recommended pheromones you can acquire.  Pure instinct is a roll on pheromone oil.  The pheromones in pure instinct mix with your bodies own pheromones to create your own disctinct sexy smell.  Wear pure instinct with your favorite fragrance or by itself.

.34 fl oz Roll on tube

What are Pheromones?  Pheromones are any chemical that is secreted from any animal species  that altars the way the same species acts.  

  • Do not need to be inhaled to be sensed by the brain.
  • Animals give off pheromones when they are in heat.  That is why our dogs seem to run off when they pick up on some pheromones a mile away.  Fortunately animals do not pick up on our pheromones and we do not pick up on theirs.  
  • The human body primarily release pheromones in sweat.  You ever smell your partner's musty smell but it still kind of turns you on.  Ya. 
  • Females:  Have you ever been around someone so much that your menstrual cycles start to line up.  That is our bodies picking up on each other's pheromones.  

Fragrances, perfumes, candles, lotions all smell good but when you add pheromones.  They start to smell arousingly good.  You will not know what is going on but you will think to yourself -Wow That smells reallllll good!  hmm...there is just somthing about that smell.

 Every day we at Learn to Love Me, we test our pheromones.  Going out, negotiating, getting pulled over by the police...


Results are 85% of the time you will be able to notice a physical change in the way someone approaches you or acts around you.  And the other 15% of the time maybe they are hot and bothered but have it totally under control! You may notice excessive touching, compliments, and in general people being just a little nicer to you.


  • Sassflower Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Sunflower Seed Oil
  • Parfum
  • Blend of Pheromones

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