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Couples Party

Get ALL of your friends together we will do an interactive mild show for you and your friends.  Couples can play the newly wed game!  We love giving couples a chance to learn about new products and techniques together.  Our consultants are trained on products to enhance communication and intimacy.  Couples parties are exciting because as you browse through the catalog, couples can whisper sexy thing to one another, reveal what you like about a certain toy, and tease each other with possibilities.  Shop

 Party Supplies

Games Ideas 
Now that we are all here we have a few games we can play to keep your party laughing all night!
Newlywed Game  He leaves the room and we ask her questions.  Then the same for him  Couple with the most points wins.  
How well do you know your partner?  Couples are given a series of questions with different point values.  The most points wins.
Get your mind out of the gutter?  A series of words with missing letters.  Fill in the blanks. Most correct words wins.  
Cocktail Suggestions
Here are some yummy drinks that for both him and her!
Recipes Ideas
These are easy and gourmet recipes for your party!

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