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50 Shades of Fun Party


Call it mommy porn, call it what you want?  Let’s enjoy a night of discussing kinky fuckery & kissing our vanilla days goodbye as we explore the depths of the red room of pain.  Take home what your need to act out your favorite scenes from the book.  We can bring the photo backdrop, props, games, & prizes.  You bring the friends! Party guests will all receive a free tie with qualifying purchase.   Shop Party Supplies


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  • Ball Gag
    This plastic breathable ball is a great way to shut them up. If your into bondage and you want them ..
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  • Blindfold
    Take away your lovers sight and watch all the other senses come alive!  Use with your partner t..
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  • Bondage Kit
    Can't decide what to try?  Try it all!  This red bondage kit includes: Leather blind..
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  • Cherry Bombs
    Super cute weighted cherries to give you an intense workout.  These cherries are scientifically..
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  • Love Collar and Cuffs
    Enhance sexual energy with this seductive collection of fetish wear adorned with satin ribbons and l..
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  • Love Leash
    If you lead he will follow!  Seductive fetish gear hand-crafted in soft supple patent leather, ..
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  • Nipple Clamps
    Nipple clamps will excite your lover with every movement.  Adjustable so you can tighten and..
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  • Penis Strap
    Adjustable waist and penis leash.  Harness goes around penis and testicles.  Use as a leas..
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  • Restraints
    Set up playful bondage games in minutes! Just tie bondage straps to bed and go!  Just tie each ..
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  • Spread Em Bar
    Want to spice up your erotica and adventures, then the Spread the Love Bar is a perfect addition to ..
    Based on 4 reviews.
  • Starburst Tickler
    Tickle and tease your partner.  Blindfold your partner and use the feather for more sensatio..
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  • Whip Nine Tails
    Get a little kinky with this 9 tail leather whip!   Quote from 50 Shades of Gray by E L J..
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  • XoXo Paddle
    Imprint Paddle lets you Leave your mark!  "XoXo" High quality, hand stiched leather slappe..
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  • Ben Wa Balls
    Ben Wa Balls made of precious metal can be very stimulating to your body.  Keep these Ben Wa Ba..
    Based on 3 reviews.
  • Furry Cuffs
    Soft comfortable and sexy as you and your partner enter the world of domination!  Please do not..
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  • Bondage Tape
    Cuff them, Tie them down, Blindfold, and Make sexy outfits!  Will not pull out hair.  Tape..
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