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Have A Party


Want a shopping Spree?  Get free products and an unforgettable night out with a free Learn to Love Me Party.  Our Consultants will keep your party laughing all night with an interactive show, games, and prizes.  

“I was worried that my friends might be nervous and uncomfortable with these products.  My guests ended up having a great time.  Our consultant put everyone at ease with some fun games that set the mood and had everyone laughing all night” 


How it Goes Down

Get a few friends together or have a huge themed party! It is up to you.

1. Pick a date and schedule. Spice up a weekday or get your friends together on the weekend. Our calendars fill up fast (especially weekends)…so book early!
2. Receive your party packet in the mail.Tell everyone to come to your party!
3. Party Time! We show up and put on an exclusive interactive show with games & prizes.  After the show we take all questions and orders in a private room. Guests are given discreet purple bags, so nobody has to know what they bought! We strive to let you be able to take products home that night!  If a Consultant is sold out of a product.  Shipping only takes a day or two. And yes we do have batteries for those good vibrations.
4. Get paid. Now it is time to thank you for getting your friends together. This is the fun part. We count up your party sales and you get 10% of sales in a shopping spree or cash!

Party FAQs

How much is a Learn to Love Me party?
It is free. In fact, as a party host, you will actually earn FREE products, equal to 10% of the party’s sales PLUS exclusive party host coupons.

What do I get for having a party?
Party hosts get 10% of total party sales in a shopping spree and qualify for 5 additional host coupons.

For example: Average party sales are around $500 which equals a $50 shopping spree.
*Host coupons may only be applied to full retail price and may not be used toward products discounted through the Hostess shopping spree.
*Not everyone can make it to your party, but everyone can order. Party hosts also get credit for outside orders.

Do I get Invitations?You are provided with invitations you can mail out. We can even mail out invites for you. Call everyone and tell them to come to your party because it is going to be a blast. We know people are busy and not everyone can make it to you party. Everyone can order and you will get the credit for your shopping spree and coupons! Just get the payment before the party and we will bring all items to the party for you to disperse.

How many guests do I need to have?
That is up to you. We have done parties with as few as 3 guests and as many as 35. For the party to be the most fun, we generally recommend that you have at least 10 guests. Invite twice as many as you think will show, as typically half of your invites will be unable to attend. Tell all of your guests that they are welcome to bring a friend or two.

How long does a party last?
Most of our parties last around two hours. This includes the presentation of lotions, potions, and toys as well as games and private ordering. The number of guests and the games we play affect the length of the party. If you have time constraints, please let us know and we can adjust accordingly.

Do you show everything in the catalog at your parties?
No. Time does not permit that. Plus, for those who attend multiple parties, it allows them to see different products at different times. Our website shows all products. If there are products in the catalog that you specifically want to be demonstrated please let us know ahead of time. This is your party we will cater to you!

Will guests get the purchases the night of the party?
Our company strives to let party guests take home products that night with batteries! If the party buys out the consultant of a certain product, our Learn to Love Me team will get the product to you as soon as possible. Products ship straight from Corporate office, so shipping times average 1-2 days.  We also charge actual shipping costs not crazy amounts like others.  We accept major credit cards and cash.

How far in advance do I need to book a party?
It is usually good to book a party at least 2-3 weeks in advance. Our weekends fill up quicker than weekdays, so if there is a weekend that you want it is best to contact us at least a month in advance. Party statistics have shown that weekday parties actually have a better turn out. Weekends are busy for everyone, especially during the summer. We suggest having a party on a Monday to take the Monday blues away!

Do I have to prepare a lot of food and drinks for the party?
That is up to you. Many of my party hosts have potlucks, so that everyone chips in on the preparation. Many guests love to bring special ‘sexy’ treats to show off ~ penis cakes, penis cookies, desserts with naughty names, etc. Other party hosts like to go all out and show off their own entertaining and cooking skills. Do whatever you are comfortable with. Feel free to check out our party themes. We strive to make it easy for you to be able to throw a great party!

How do I book a party?
Contact your local party coordinator or call 216 577 9220.

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