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If you need a career that works around your schedule, Learn to Love Me Parties may be for you!  We are looking for motivated individuals that are looking to start and manage their own business. Full and part time positions available. 
Benefits & Rewards
Get paid to party!
We have fun, make people laugh, and get paid at the same time. Average parties do around $500 in sales. Make 40% off of your product sales and that is $200 for only a couple hours of work. And doing parties is not work, it is fun. When we say ”get paid to party,” we are not joking.
Need Flexible Hours?
Maybe you are a student or a new mom. Or you could be tired of the old 9-5. By joining Learn to Love Me you will be able to choose when you want to work. We schedule parties on the dates we are available. A few of our consultants have quit their 9-5′s and started doing parties full time. Our consultants know that making at least a few hundred dollars in only a few hours beats working all day!
Want Job security? Create your own.
How many times do we hear about people working for companies and being let go after 25 years. They are left to enter a market where they are overqualified for any jobs available. By joining Learn to Love me you are in control of your job security. Learn to Love Me products will always be in demand. Love making is not going away. The product line is fun and sells itself. Plus people are always looking to have a great time especially if it is free. No worries about finding people to do parties because we have implied network marketing into our Learn to Love Me system. This means we offer incentives such as shopping sprees and coupons for our customers to bring us new customers. On average each party books at least two more parties. Those parties book more parties and on and on. Your schedule will naturally start filling up as you reach more and more customers.
Tremendous Tax Advantages
This is your opportunity to start your own home based business. You will be an independent contractor which means that you have more tax advantages than an employee. This means thousands of dollars in tax savings every year. Be sure to take all the legal deductions you are entitled to. Some examples of deductions are vehicle, phone, postage, home office, and insurance. 
How do I get paid?
Once you start doing parties, you will almost automatically start making money. Consultants purchase products at a discount and sell for retail value (like a store.) You get paid with every sale.  Once you acquire a kit you start with a 35-40% buying discount. Products are sold at full retail value and you earn 35-40% from every sale.  We even offer monthly deals for products up to 70% off.  That means when you sell these products you get a 70% profit. 
How do I get started?
To become a Consultant you must start off with products to show and sell. Choosing a starter inventory kit is the first step. Each kit includes everything you need to do a party including office supplies and products. The least expensive starter kit we offer is only $100. An average party generates $200 profit. So you will be able to make your investment money back ASAP!
How do I learn about products?
When you sign up, you get access to all training material.  Your Sponsor will set up a few training dates with you.  You even get a sample speech of exactly what you can say at your first party!  
How do I book parties?
The best way to book parties it to have one Grand Opening Party and network from there.  On average each party you do will book three more parties.  It goes on and on.  Learn to Love Me also does event regurarly to book even more parties!  
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