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C Rings

The day when every many will use regularly a C Ring, will be a day of cooler, calmer, and more respectable mutually enhancing sex.  C Rings trap blood flow in the penis, making him harder and last longer.  Plus C Rings have vibrations for her.  


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  • DoNut Rings
    These simple rings are a quick add-on to prolong your erection or just ya know increase your satisfa..
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  • Heart C Ring
    The Heart is a C-RIng is a snug fitting C RIng.  Heart includes one removable 3 speed rocket. &..
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  • Tainted Love
    Tainted Love! This super-stimulating toy delivers intense pleasure like nothing else! The dolphin-ta..
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  • The Tongue
    C Rings keep him harder for longer.  When a man is erect blood flows in his penis through the c..
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  • Blue Oyster Clit
    Say hello to the Blue Oyster Clit.  He has a super comfy ring to restrict blood flow makin..
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  • Blow Pop
    C Ring and Booty Beads.  The silicone soft love beads will tease and please you and your partne..
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  • Toy Cleaner
      Clean your toys before and after each use. Just mist onto toys and wipe dry.  No n..
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