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* Cleopatra:


A must have for oral sex.  This enhancement cream can be used on the clitoris or the head of penis.  In just a few seconds you will be running around saying I must get some NOW!!  Cleopatra will turn you on, intensify orgasms in both partners, and make oral sex yummy!




1. Turn you on

Use cleopatra when you're simply not in the mood.  We are all busy and do not always have the time to do the needed foreplay.  Or sometimes stress, medications, or other factors can make us the opposite of horny.  Apply a small amount of this cream to the clitoris, G-Spot, or head of his penis and instantly feel your nerves come alive.  This cream creates a tingly cool, yet warming sensation.  Cold, hot, tingle, cold, hot.  Now Tell your partner just blow a little to send shivers up your spine. 

2. Intensify Orgasms

No one ever says I don't want a better stronger orgasm.  We want it like we see it in the movies.  Loud and proud.  So maybe Learn to Love Me can make this a little easier.  Cleopatra is formulated with niacin.  Niacin brings blood rushing to the nerve endings in the clitoris and head of the penis.  The clitoris is full of nerve endings at a whopping 8,000 while the head of the penis has 4,000.  You may just feel each and every one of these nerve endings come alive when cleopatra is applied. 

3.  Never taste genitals again. It is 2013.

Cleopatra comes in Strawberry, Cupcake, and Watermelon.  The pump bottle design makes your bottle last a long time and gives you only the small amount that you need.  Sometimes oral creams can be overwhelming with too much flavor.  Nobody needs that much cherry or blueberry in their lives. We are proud to carry Cleopatra because it is made with a honey based extract.  This honey makes the flavoring not overwhelming...but more like a good dessert.

Product Features:

  • slightly calms throat to eleviate gag reflexes
  • tingles when applied
  • tastes yummy like a sundae


  • Sunflower Oil, Glycerol Monosterate, Stearic Acid, Sorbitol, Cetyl Alcohol, Sodium Bensoate, Potassium Sorbate, Propylparaben, FD&C Colors, Flavors

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